Surfing G-Wave. North Fork American River. Paddler: Robby Hogg

North Fork American’s G-Wave at 20,000 CFS

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On March 13, 2016, Northern California Was hit by another strong storm filling most, if not all of the rivers full. The river gauges on the North Fork and Middle Forks of the American were reading a combined 16,000 CFS (cubic feet/second). With one gauge about 5 miles upstream and the other closer to twenty-five miles upstream, we figured the volume of flow here was approximately 20,000 CFS, once you figure in all the side creeks between the gauges and us.

Cover Photo: Robby Hogg about to execute a right-hand Blunt on the wave.

Robby Hogg surfing G-Wave
Robby Hogg on G-Wave. North Fork American River, CA. March, 2016


Long exposure of G-Wave, N.F. American River
Long Exposure of G-Wave. North Fork American River, Auburn, CA. March, 2016
Knickerbocker Creek Falls
Knickerbocker Creek enters on river left. I’m assuming this has never been run.
Robby Hogg surfing G-Wave
Robby Hogg in Pyranha Jedi, with Adventure Technology, AT Paddle.

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